Wedding catering!

It’s a nightmare of opportunity, with lots of money riding on the “most important day of your life”.

If you’re looking for wedding catering in Sheffield you will have so many choices to make it’ll be almost impossible to make up your mind!

We will go over some of the important things to consider before you make your final decision.

Does the venue do the catering for you?

This is a big one!

In many situations you will simply have no choice on the catering, as either the venue will cater it themselves, or they will have an affiliated company who they work with and you have to go through.

So make sure to pick your venue first, and then work out the answer to this question before moving on to shopping catering options.

There are a few wedding venues around Sheffield that do this.

How do you book a wedding caterer?

Usually the process of booking a wedding caterer will be as follows:

  1. Informal conversation – this will usually involve a “getting to know you” style chat over the phone or at home, helping to understand the type of things you like.
  2. Proposal – this is where the caterer will put together some ideas of what you might like + the costs, and send it over for you to review.
  3. Finalising – this is where you negotiate things like price and additions to the menu, and sign a contract to agree payment terms and pay any deposits required.

What should you ask about wedding catering?


This is the number 1 question, as if they’re already booked for your wedding date, then you can’t have them no matter how hard you want.

The next step is to ask if they specialise in a certain type of cooking.

And finally ask about the costs and if they’re much higher than others you’ve asked, then perhaps ask why and for a discount to make it more like the others.

And make sure they have a good hygeine rating, that is essential.

What’s the best food for wedding reception catering?

There is no specific style of food that is best for your Sheffield wedding, as it really depends on your theme, colours, attendees dietary requirements, and the food you enjoy!

Some people prefer a buffet style meal, while others prefer food brought ready plated.

Others prefer something exciting or exotic like Indian platters, and others will want traditional roast beef.

The key with catering is to ask if they’ve ever catered a certain type of food before, then you can perhaps ask those people who attended the wedding and see if it was good. It’s a good sign that they aren’t just guessing about cooking your specialist cuisine.

If you have further questions about wedding catering Sheffield, then ask them in the comments or via email!

A small balcony doesn’t mean a useless balcony, or a plain balcony. Sometimes small spaces make the best opportunities to create something beautiful, intimate, and deeply satisfying. The right furniture, plants and accessories, and even a small space can bring big contentment and satisfaction to the owner.

balcony garden furniture

Hanging baskets are a nice touch, and don’t take up floor space. The same is true of pots designed to hang on balcony railings.

A vertical garden can also mean growing your own vegetables – even on a balcony – is well within your reach.

Whatever your dream garden looks like, you can get a taste of it even in a small area like a balcony – modern, rustic, functional food growing, or bright flowers and foliage. Even a Juliet balcony can bring a garden into your reach.

1. Amazing Water

A Japanese-style garden with water features is a beautiful option.

2. Large Flower Display

Flowers can elevate any space from humdrum to spectacular – why not try bringing some of your favourites to bloom on your balcony.

3. Window Boxes

For very small balconies, use a floral box that hangs outside of the railing, but allows flowers to trail inward, giving you the life and colour without taking from balcony floor space.

4. Modern Comfy Balcony Rattan Furniture

Let yourself consider non-traditional furniture styles that might fit better in a small space. You can use rattan balcony sets to help make it a comfy space while also being weatherproof because of the aluminium framed furniture.

5. Matching Flowers on Balcony

Odd-shaped balconies, like very long, very narrow ones, provide an excellent opportunity to complement structure with floral patterns and displays.

6. Potting Up Plants on your Balcony

Almost anything can grow in a pot, so consider citrus trees, shrubbery, or other favourites in beautiful pots on your balcony. Here are some great examples of potted plants on a balcony.

7. Modern Corner Sofa Sets

If you have the room for it, a nice corner sofa can serve as an anchor and foundation to your balcony’s style. Start there and build up around it. If you want loveseats to watch birds on then click here.

8. Plants and Colour

A small area, rich in plant life, can be even more relaxing that a large one – and is easier to care for, cheaper, and reaches maturity more quickly.

9. Hanging Baskets

Hanging baskets give you colour, shade, subtle motion, and all without using up valuable floor space.

10. Using Gravel

Ever consider a gravel surface on your balcony? This added texture can be very chic, and touched off with modern furniture and some stepping stones, can add to a unique, welcoming space.

11. Unique Planting Choices

Check out bamboos, cacti, and other exotics that you might not have been familiar with before. They will bring focus and conversation to your space.

12. Colour Coordination

Think of overall theme when planning your balcony garden. Choose a must-have feature (plant or item) that you definitely want, and then add complementary features to and around it. Random accumulation is not the best idea here – make a plan and make it happen. I also found some good design tips on this site.

13. Dropping Down Flowers On Balcony

Let the floral branches flow. Enjoy the presence of birds and bees. Your eyes will take pleasure in it, as will your ears – and it will do the Earth some good too.

14. Lattis/Trellis for a Balcony

A little trellis is a nice touch to the appearance of your garden, and may add privacy and plant structure where needed too.

15. Multiple Balcony Styles

If you have more than one balcony to work with, consider complementary designs, or designs that are markedly different, delighting you and your guests with the variety and difference in finished effect.

16. Get a Nice Balcony Pond

Even a small water feature can take a balcony garden to that next level. Consider your options and you might be able to have your own little pond.

17. Upright Plants Against the Wall

Where growing outward is not possible, growing upward can be the answer. Consider vertical space too – even the ceiling or canopy might be a place to grow something interesting.

18. Greenspace

Even amid the centre of a city, a little haven of green can promote peace and tranquillity.

19. Mixing up your Floral Displays

Monochrome is striking sometimes, but for lasting interest and versatility, let the widest range of colour free on your balcony.

20. Making your Balcony More Rustic

Go international, and create a look on your balcony that transports you and your guests to another place.