About Groundwork

About Groundwork

photo : gateway to public areaGroundwork is a federation of Trusts in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, each working with their partners in poor areas to improve the quality of the local environment, the lives of local people and the success of local businesses.

Each Groundwork trust is a partnership between the public and voluntary sectors with its own board of trustees. The national and regional offices of Groundwork UK and Groundwork Wales support the work of The Trusts.

Groundwork works closely with the Government and National assemblies, local authorities, regional development agencies and businesses. Groundwork also receives support from the European Union, the National Lottery, the landfill tax credit scheme, private sponsors and charitable foundations.

The first Groundwork Trust was established 21 years ago on Merseyside. There are now nearly 50 Trusts in the UK and a number of Groundwork projects in Eastern Europe. The Groundwork approach has also been adapted in Japan and the USA where the National Park Service is supporting a growing number of Trusts.

Groundwork’s purpose is to :

“Build sustainable communities through joint environmental action”

We do this by getting residents, businesses and other local organisations involved in practical projects that improve the quality of life, bring about regeneration and lay the foundations for sustainable development.

Groundwork believes a ‘sustainable community’ is one that is vibrant, healthy and safe, which respects the local and global environment and where individuals and enterprise prosper.

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