Portable Soccer Goals and Soccer Training Equipment

From confident soccer players to amateurs looking to improve, you need portable soccer equipment for both home and practice.

When your life takes you from place to place, whether it’s for work or fun, and you want to be able to set up and play some soccer wherever you are, then a portable goal is necessary gear for you.


This quick list will give you the best choices out there, and you can buy with confidence.

Top Portable Soccer Equipment Picks

Quickplay Portable Soccer Goals

The range from Quickplay Sport USA is by far the best online from what I can see, with a range of goals for both kids and professionals alike. I enjoyed their range of rebounder combo soccer goals, which means you can practice shooting and passing with the same thing (great for space saving at home).

They use a lot of specialist technology in their portable goal post systems, which goes down well online according to the reviews.

Browse all Quickplay Sport Portable Soccer Goals in the USA here.

Runners Up:

SKLZ Quickster Portable

This goal uses elastic cords to help you set it up in the right way and the right order. It’s available in three sizes, including 6×4, 8×5 and 12×6 feet, and so it suits a range of age groups, uses and abilities. It’s more portable than most goals, but pays for this with a slightly lower resistance to impact. Too many hard shots can cause the top poles to sink down a bit, needing resetting from time to time.


This goal comes in at a great price, and is versatile too, with sizes that range from 3×2½ to 12×6 feet, and light-weight PVC construction to ensure that you can carry the thing when it’s in its disassembled state.

This goal puts up with harsh weather, both sun and snow, and carries a one-year warranty for peace of mind. You can run it through the seasons once, risk-free, and make sure it’s holding up well.

Don’t be discouraged if it isn’t super intuitive when you set it up the first time – once you’ve done it a time or two, it’s quick and easy.


This solid-frame pop-up goal combines durability with portability. The flexibility absorbs shot shocks so that it stays in place even without being staked down. Used by pro club academies like Liverpool, Barcelona, Chelsea and Arsenal, this has the high-profile use to back up its claims and reputation.

Martin Davis, from the Arsenal academy, calls it ‘very robust’… and these guys know how to work a goal hard.

Franklin Sports Flexpro

This goal is constructed of high-durability fiber glass and steel. It’s a beast, ready to take whatever your club has to throw at it, and grin in the face of it. It only comes in one size, but it’s a great product.

It is lightweight enough to be easily portable, and the value for money is excellent.


This goal can take the punishment of repeated hard strikes, and yet it is light and easy to transport. It’s available in three useful sizes, and comes with plastic pegs for securing it in place when playing on grass. It looks as light as it feels, but is much more durable than you’d expect.

Samba 3 in 1

This is the only adjustable goal on the list, and can be set up at full size or broken down into three target goals. When broken down to portability mode, it is about as long as an ironing board, so it’s not the best one for small vehicles or public transport – but if you have a vehicle with some cargo room, it’s a great choice. The carry bag is durable too, and can be worn as a backpack for schlepping the thing from the parking lot to the field.

Kickmaster 2 in 1

If you’re looking for a small, portable goal for target practice and maybe a fun game without goalkeepers, this little number fits the bill exactly.

It functions as a great target practice tool, with holes for accuracy training, then just tip it to the other side and it’s a wide-open goal for games and fun. It works great indoors and out, and is a perfect size for little ones to play and practice skills on a scale that isn’t too intimidating or frustrating.

Pop it up, and you’re ready to play.


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